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Recycling bins are one of the most effective ways to keep your recycling separate from your trash. It helps reduce contamination in recycling centres and helps people recycle more efficiently in their homes.

The recycling bins in your home are just one part of recycling. Though recycling is the best way to reduce pollution and help with sustainability, it can still be hard for people to do outside their homes.

There are many recycling service providers out there. So it can be challenging to decide who to choose for recycling bin rentals or recyclable pick-up services.

That’s where we come in! We offer recycling bins and recycling services all across Cranbourne. With us, you will never have to concern yourself about sorting through recycling again – we do it for you!


What is Recycling?

Recycling is the sustainable process of using waste materials to create new products. It can be recycled plastic, recycling electronics or recycling paper to make a new product that will last longer and save you money in the long term. Recyclable items are collected by companies who recycle them for use as raw material.


Why Should You Recycle?

There are many good reasons why everyone should recycle their used goods:

  • it saves our soil from toxins released by non-recycled plastics;

  • reduces landfill space;

  • creates employment opportunities and;

  • brings revenue back to your community.

It takes a lot of energy & resources to produce a raw product, so recycling doesn’t just help with sustainability but also conserves resources which benefits us all! The more people recycle, the less damage we do on earth.


What Can be Recycled and Why?

Scrap Metal

Scrap metal such as old piping and electrical cabling are valuable resources that should not go to waste. Recycling this material helps it avoid landfill. It would release harmful gases into the atmosphere or leach into the ground.

Paper Products

By recycling paper, you are preventing trees from being cut down, which will help the environment.


Glass products are something we can indefinitely recycle without it having to lose any of its quality or strength.


Metal is a non-renewable resource that natural processes on earth cannot replace. When recycled, we can continue using this material for new products without losing any quality or strength.

Electronic Devices

Many electronics are made from toxic materials. When we throw these items in a landfill, they leak hazardous materials into the ground. It is for this reason why recycling used electronics should be a priority for sustainability.


Clothes can be reused if possible, but they go to landfill when not. The manufacturing process for clothes does have an environmental impact because it uses chemicals that are difficult to break down into natural substances.


When plastics are disposed of in landfill without being recycled, they can release toxins into the soil or groundwater. As such, recycling plastic waste should be everyone’s responsibility.

Only recycling centres should be used to dispose of recycling items- not the home bin. Things that can’t be recycled include but are not limited to hazardous waste, animal carcasses and large pieces of furniture.


What is Our Recycling Service All About?

With our recycling service, we deliver recycling bins directly to your doorsteps.

The recycling service includes:

  • recycling bins for you and your family

  • a recycling bin that’s suitable for oversized items (furniture or garden waste)

  • regular collection services from one location (or multiple locations) close to where you live or work

We also provide recycling containers with lids for those who need them due to mobility issues.


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Recycling is a great way to reduce landfill and help save the environment. It also allows you to become more sustainable in your business practices.

We offer recycling services designed for businesses of all sizes, including full-service recycling bin hire and recycling collection from any location on site.

If you’ve got questions about our service or want us to provide an estimate, give us a call now on (03) 5906 9000. Our friendly staff are more than happy to answer your questions and send someone out right away if needed.

You can even request one of our experienced professionals to come and speak at your meeting with some quick tips on recycling properly.